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Great Egret chick

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For the last thirty years, NYC Audubon's conservation programs have studied and advocated on behalf of the City's wild birds. NYC Audubon, working with a network of volunteers and scientists, has fought to preserve all bird habitat, from marshlands and nesting islands for herons and egrets to woodland park areas so important to migrating and nesting species.

Despite some notable conservation successes, over 100 of the 350 bird species that depend on New York City are of conservation concern. Some, like the Red Knot, are in danger of disappearing in our lifetime, while others, like the Saltmarsh Sparrow, are vulnerable to sudden declines should climate change alter their already scarce habitat. Even recovering species, like egrets, Peregrine Falcons and American Oystercatchers, remain vulnerable to the pressures of climate change and urban development.

Black Skimmer and other Shorebirds

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In an effort to focus our conservation work where it will be most effective, our current programs focus on three regions of the metropolitan area: Jamaica Bay, Western Long Island Sound (encompassing both the Bronx and Queens shores and estuaries) and Staten Island. We determined through research and data analysis that these areas were the most important to the bird species most in need.
Please follow this link to view a short presentation for determining the species most in need in the five boroughs.

Learn about our Jamaica Bay Project

Learn about our Staten Island Project

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An Injured Warbler from a Building Collision

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On another front, the Project Safe Flight program collects data on bird injuries and fatalities from building collisions. We have borne witness to tens of thousands of these collisions and are seeking solutions to the problem. Solutions range from the immediate - our Lights Out New York program enlists building managers to turn off nighttime interior lighting during migration, to the long term - encouraging architects and planners to follow our "Bird Safe Building Guidelines."


Learn about our Project Safe Flight program

Learn about our Lights Out New York program

We keep abreast of local conservation issues as they affect birds and wildlife. For each topic listed in "Issues of Concern," we provide background information, current status information, and links for further research.

Learn about Issues of Concern

Shorebird ID Workshop

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Tree planting in Van Cortlandt Park

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Also, NYC Audubon organizes volunteers to clean beaches and educates New Yorkers of all ages by leading hands-on classroom and field projects for the young and offering informative lectures and classes to the public on conservation concerns.



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New York City Audubon's conservation programs are made possible by the leadership support of the Leon Levy Foundation.

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