Help with Our Advocacy Work

[b]Volunteers Work with NYC Audubon's Susan Elbin on Swinburne Island[/b]Volunteers Work with NYC Audubon's Susan Elbin on Swinburne Island © NYC Audubon

NYC Audubon engages in advocacy work concerning many bird conservation issues in New York Citywhether by meeting with government officials, coordinating public letter-writing campaigns and public comments, or raising consciousness of the dangers facing our birds and their habitats via public education programs or distributed brochures and educational materials. To keep informed on what you can do to help, become an Avian Advocate! Learn more below.

Avian Advocates
Birds can’t ask for help, but you can. An Avian Advocate sends emails and letters and makes phone calls to the relevant policymakers. Join our list to receive monthly alerts. You can also keep on top of local environmental issues through our free monthly e-newsletter, The eGret.


*Take Action banner photo of a Downy Woodpecker © Francois Portman

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