Proposed Expansion of JFK airport

[b]Snow Geese by JFK Airport Tower[/b]Snow Geese by JFK Airport Tower by F. Portmann

A new study from the Regional Plan Authority, released January 2011, calls for as much as $15 billion to be spent at John F. Kennedy and Newark Liberty International Airports to accommodate a projected increase of almost 50 million air travelers per year within two or three decades. At JFK airport, part of Jamaica Bay might have to be filled to create space for one or more new runways.

In March 2011, NYC Audubon joined with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and 18 other conservation and civic groups to send a letter to New York officials opposing this proposal to expand JFK airport into Jamaica Bay. Such development would have unacceptable impacts on what’s widely considered New York City’s ecological crown jewel. Impacts that should more than give planners pause as they consider how to deal with regional airport needs.

[b]Jamaica Bay Black Skimmer[/b]Jamaica Bay Black Skimmer by F. Portmann
[b]Jamaica Bay Ospreys[/b]Jamaica Bay Ospreys by F. Portmann

On April 7, 2011, a meeting was held in Broad Channel by the Jamaica Bay Task Force, a coalition of concerned citizens, to review the Regional Planning Association's study recommendations. A packed house listened to a rebuttal of the seriously flawed RPA report that advocated JFK runway expansion into the waters of Jamaica Bay, as well as a number of presentations that highlighted the tremendous volume and diversity of marine and bird life in the area which has been so erroneously characterized as a “dead zone” in the RPA report.

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