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Get to know the amazing birds of New York City!

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NYC Audubon isn't just for grown-up birders. If you’re a kid between 8 and 12 years old in the City, you know you can name the cool animals around this town just as well as any adult! NYC Audubon is here to be your guide to tons of wildlife fun in NYC.

To become a NYC Audubon KIDS Member, parents should fill out the form here, selecting "KIDS" membership and entering parent or guardian contact information. Once you click "submit," you will be able to enter information about your KIDS membership recipient. NYC Audubon's KIDS Memberships are FREE and include:

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♦ Our quarterly newsletter, The Urban Audubon

♦ Our monthly email newsletter, "The eGret"

♦ A welcome letter and membership card in the
   KIDS Member's name

♦ Invitations to any KIDS bird walks throughout the year

♦ A 30% discount on most of our local trips and classes

♦ Other special offers may be offered throughout the year and
    will be 
announced via email and The Urban Audubon.

If you have any questions regarding KIDS memberships or walks, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Things that are good for people sometimes can be very dangerous to birds. One of these dangerous things is glass windows. The problem is that glass is reflective. when you stand in front of a glass mirror, what do you see? Yourself? A glass window on a building can act just like a mirror. If greenery is planted in front of the window, the glass will reflect them. The birds are fooled! They think the reflection is more greenery where they can land, and they fly into the window, injuring or killing themselves.

You can help birds avoid glass windows! Hang lots of colorful decorations in front of windows or put decals on them. The more the better! Also, make sure any flowers or plants cannot be seen from the outside of the window. Birds may see the flowers and plants as shelter or food and try to fly through the window to get to them. For more information on how you can make your windows more bird safe, click here.

Click here to see past issues of Look Around New York City, our children's newsletter.

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