Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is made up of community leaders who have a special interest in helping NYC Audubon reach its vision of a sustainable and healthy city for birds and New Yorkers. The Council acts as advisor to the Board and to the executive director on the most important issues facing the organization. Advisory Council members participate in strategic planning, advise on specific programs, and assist in making important community connections. Because of their interest in NYC Audubon's success, they are often our most generous supporters and our greatest asset in making new friends for the organization.

  • Co-Chair - Marcia T. Fowle*
  • Co-Chair - James R. Sheffield
  • Richard T. Andrias
  • Sarah Grimké Aucoin
  • Claude Bloch, MD
  • David Burg*M
  • Albert K. Butzel
  • Cliff Case
  • Rebekah Creshkoff
  • Andrew Darrell
  • Joseph H. Ellis
  • Andrew Farnsworth, PhD
  • Catherine Schragis Heller
  • Lynne Hertzog
  • Mary Jane Kaplan
  • Robert J. Kimtis
  • Lauren Klingsberg
  • Kimberly Kriger
  • Janice Laneve
  • Harrison D. Maas*M
  • Pamela Manice
  • Peter Rhoades Mott*
  • Dorothy M. Peteet, PhD
  • Don Riepe
  • Lewis Rosenberg
  • John Shemilt
  • David Speiser
  • Tom Stephenson


*Past President
MIn Memoriam

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