Unless otherwise noted, all lectures are free and open to the public, and are held at
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This series has been made possible by the support of Claude and Lucienne Bloch.



European Bee-Eater © Dorit Bar-Zakay*European Bee-Eater © Dorit Bar-Zakay*

By Dan Alon, Noam Weiss, Jonathan Meyrav, and Amir Balaban
Monday, May 11, 6pm

Israel is a truly incredible place for birds and birding. Half a billion birds pass through Israel twice a year, making it the second largest migratory flyway in the world. Over 540 species of birds have been recorded in Israel, a country the size of New Jersey. From the snow-covered peak of Mount Hermon in the north, through the low-lying Dead Sea Valley and south to the granite peaks of the Eilat Mountains, Israel boasts an avifauna that is second only to the tropics. Join distinguished birders from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) Dan Alon, Noam Weiss, Jonathan Meyrav, and Amir Balaban as they discuss birding, the miracle of migration, and work being done to protect and provide for birds in Israel.


A Banded Snowy Egret on Hoffman Island © NYC AudubonA Banded Snowy Egret on Hoffman Island © NYC Audubon

By Susan Elbin, PhD, and Conservation Staff
Wednesday, June 10, 6pm

NYC Audubon conducts scientific monitoring in all five boroughs to understand how birds are using our urban environment and how this environment affects them, via Project Safe Flight, our Jamaica Bay program, and our Harbor Herons project. Join us as Susan Elbin and research staffers Darren Klein, Debra Kriensky, and Tod Winston provide updates on what this research has taught us in the past year. Our board election will precede the meeting. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

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