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Celebrating 40 Years

NYC Audubon is celebrating its 40th anniversary with two commemorative pieces created especially to trace the organization’s path of conservation accomplishments over the past four decades. A special film and commemorative Urban Audubon depict the fierce determination that NYC Audubon activists have felt over these past 40 years, as they’ve battled to protect our city’s birds and their habitat.

NYC Audubon: 40 Years Protecting New York City's Birds and Habitat

NYC Audubon: 40 Years Protecting New York City's Birds and Habitat depicts NYC Audubon’s activist history and ongoing conservation successes. Created by Board President Karen Benfield and her company, Lark Song Media, the film includes fascinating first-hand accounts of how Project Safe Flight, Harbor Herons, the defense of Pale Male and Lola, and the protection of the City’s wild habitat were all inspired by a deep love of birds—and enabled by the courage to demand change. Hear these stories from NYC Audubon Founding Board Member Lew Rosenberg, Project Safe Flight Founder Rebekah Creshkoff, past Board Vice President Don Riepe, past Executive Director Marcia Fowle, and former NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, as well as current staff. Featuring exquisite video footage of Jamaica Bay and wild birds across the City thanks to the generosity of Bruce Yolton, Cathy Weiner, Frederic Lilien, Dan Hendrick, Don Riepe, Jeff Kimball, and others.

40th Anniversary Urban Audubon

This special 32-page issue of The Urban Audubon is a tribute to all that our organization’s volunteers, staff, board, and members have accomplished for birds over the past 40 years—and a treasure trove of all things NYC Audubon. Read personal stories by Lew Rosenberg, Marcia Fowle, and Rebekah Creshkoff, describing how they were each inspired to get involved and make a difference. An illustrated timeline of our history features clippings from Urban Audubons since the inaugural September 1979 issue, and an Events & Adventures section highlights four decades of birding expeditions. Also included is a gallery of featured bird artwork and photography through the years, a map of our advocacy work, and listings of those honored by Chapter Awards and Fall Roosts since the beginning. The issue was created by former and current Urban Audubon Managing Editors Tod Winston and Andrew Maas in collaboration with longtime Editors Marcia Fowle and Lauren Klingsberg, the publications committee, and the organization’s volunteers and staff.

View and download the 40th Anniversary Urban Audubon.
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