The Urban Audubon

The Urban Audubon is our quarterly publication mailed to members. It provides up-to-date stories on hot topics in New York City conservation, profiles of conservation leaders, background stories on NYC Audubon’s activities, profiles of bird species and their habitat in the NYC area, and information members can use to help our conservation efforts – from reducing energy usage to protecting woodland and watershed areas.

Available issues, January 2009 to current.

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Winter 2020-2021 - Volume XLI, No. 4
Issue Highlights: "It’s a Bird" Excerpt; Native Plants—For the Insects, for the Birds; Through Atlasers' Eyes—The Birds of Breeding Bird Atlas III; Great Horned Owl (Bubo Virginianus); David L. Burg—a Reminiscence; Give the Gift of Birds/Birdy Books; Rare Roost Alert; NYC Audubon, Refreshed

Fall 2020 - Volume XLI, No. 3
Issue Highlights: Cooper’s Call—A Black Birder’s Personal Perspective; Black Birders Week and Interview with Jeffrey Ward; Birds of Change Flock to Soho; Portrait of Ornithologist Corina Newsome; Birding during the Pandemic; Birding with Baby; Breeding Bird Atlas III Summer Recap; Purple Martin (Progne subis); Meet Our New Board Members; My Father, Harrison D. Maas; In Memoriam—David Burg; The Fall Roost—Urban Birding in Focus

Summer 2020 - Volume XLI, No. 2 - A Special "Virtual" Issue
Issue Highlights: Birding during the Pandemic—Member Reports; Building a Bird-Friendly New York City; Photo Essay—Birding The Battery; Breeding Bird Atlas III Takes Off; Virtual Birding; NYC Audubon Goes Virtual; Urban Hotspot—Detroit; Chimney Swift (Chaetura pelagica)

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Spring 2020 - Volume XLI, No. 1
Issue Highlights: Landmark NYC Bird-Friendly Design Bill Passes; Audubon's New Climate Report: Survival by Degrees; The Bronx's Crotona Park; The Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus)

Winter 2019-2020 - Volume XL, No. 4
Issue Highlights: A Local Trailblazer Is Honored in Brooklyn: Shirley Chisholm State Park; Birds Populations Past and Present; The Evening Grosbeak (Coccothraustes vespertinus); The NYC Audubon Fall Roost: Forty and Fabulous; We Bid a Fond Farewell to Our Top Scientist, Susan Elbin, PhD

Special 40th Anniversary Issue
Issue Highlights: Messages from Lew Rosenberg and Marcia T. Fowle; NYC Audubon Timeline; Conservation Notes through the Years; NYC Audubon Takes a Stand; 40 Years of Art & Photography; The Evolution of a Logo; In Memoriam; NYC Audubon Awards; commemorative sections -- Volunteer!, Lectures, Reviews, Reader Submissions, Events & Adventures, and Acknowledgments

Fall 2019 - Volume XL, No. 3
Issue Highlights: Introducing Our Vision for the Future, NYC Audubon Adds a New Business Model for Green Roofs, The Connecticut Warbler (Oporornis agiles)

Summer 2019 - Volume XL, No. 2
Issue Highlights: The New 'Green' Statue of Liberty Museum, Molly Adams: NYC Audubon's Newest Avian Advocate, Boat-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus major)

Spring 2019 - Volume XL, No. 1
Issue Highlights: Birds Are Coming to Broadway, The Volunteers of Project Safe Flight: A Photo Essay, Birding Ethics and Etiquette, Rodenticides: A Clear and Present Danger to Birds of Prey, The Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres)

Winter 2018/2019 - Volume XXXIX, No. 4
Issue Highlights: Corralling Cats in Lanai to Save Birds, The 119th Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count, Jeff Ward: A New NYC Audubon Trip Leader, A Very Different Bronx Tale, Snow Goose (Chen caerulescens), NYC Audubon Rules the Roost!

Fall 2018 - Volume XXXIX, No. 3
Issue Highlights: The NYC Green Roof Researchers Alliance, Uptown Birds, Trip Leader Profile: Nadir Souirgi, The Merlin (Falco columbarius), Bird-friendly Buildings on the Rise

Summer 2018 - Volume XXXIX, No. 2
Issue Highlights: Feathers at the New-York Historical Society, Win-win for Robotics Team and Birds: NY Youth Invent Device to Deter Birds from Glass, Snowy Egret, Legacy Profile: Lisa Holzkenner

Spring 2018 - Volume XXXIX, No. 1
Issue Highlights: The Audubon Urban Collaborative Network, The Art of Mentorship: Nurturing a Young Birder, Safe Flight IPA Takes Off, Brown Thrasher, Birding with Hearing Aids, Study Measures Light's Dramatic Impact on Bird Migration

Winter 2017/2018 - Volume XXXVIII, No. 4
Issue Highlights: A Summer Home of Our Own, The Fall Roost: News to Shout from the Rooftops, Holiday Gift Guide for New Birders

Fall 2017 - Volume XXXVIII, No. 3
Issue Highlights: A Birder's Basic Guide to Social Media, Rita McMahon: Rehabilitating Injured Birds in New York City, Turkey Vulture and Black Vulture, Former Regional EPA Administrator Speaks Out

Summer 2017 - Volume XXXVIII, No. 2
Issue Highlights: NYC Audubon's Summer Island Home, On Becoming an Activist, Hanging with the City's Bats, Birding Cemeteries in the Five Boroughs: Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery

Spring 2017 - Volume XXXVIII, No. 1
Issue Highlights: Saltmarsh Loss and Restoration, Feathered Friends: A New Afterschool Program, the Marbled Godwit, Birding by Subway: Are You Kidding?

Winter 2016/17 - Volume XXXVII, No. 4
Issue Highlights: Two Beams, Two Tributes, Of Raptors and Rats, The Fall Roost, Birding Cemeteries in the Five Boroughs: Evergreens, Owls of New York City, Holiday Books for Children

Fall 2016 - Volume XXXVII, No. 3
Issue Highlights: eBird: Real-time Citizen Science, Accipiters, Wind Energy: Understanding Its Potential Hazards for Birds, A Meadow Grows in Brooklyn at 520 Kingsland Avenue, D-Bird Spreads Its Wings

Summer 2016 - Volume XXXVII, No. 2
Issue Highlights: NYC Grasslands Case Study: Floyd Bennett Field, Grasshopper Sparrow, A Freshwater Pond Returns to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Book Excerpt: Birdwatching in New York City and on Long Island

Spring 2016 - Volume XXXVII, No. 1
Issue Highlights: Black Skimmers, The Fall Roost, Improving Habitat for Songbirds at Jamaica Bay, Songbird Surveys at Jamaica Bay, American Redstart, Birding New York City's Cemeteries, Freshkills Recycled and Reborn, Up on the Roof (In Brooklyn), A Special and Enduring Gift: Helen Mattin, World Premiere: Saving Jamaica Bay

Winter 2015-16 - Volume XXXVI, No. 4
Issue Highlights: Harbor Herons Enter the Information Age, The Fall Roost, A Day at the Beach, The Christmas Bird Count, Bufflehead, Good Eggs, The Urban Oasis in McGolrick Park, Holiday Books for Children

Fall 2015 - Volume XXXVI, No. 3
Issue Highlights: Fall Migration Fall-Off, Monarch Butterfly Migration in Peril, New Board Members, A Nest Grows in Staten Island (for Bald Eagles), Deborah Jones Perfects "The Art of Volunteering," The Fall Roost

Summer 2015 - Volume XXXVI, No. 2
Issue Highlights: Counting Birds in New York City, Tricolored Heron, North Brother Island, Book Excerpt: Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City, Favorite Bird Websites, Big John's Pond, Vagrant Birds in the New York City Area

Spring 2015 - Volume XXXVI, No. 1
Issue Highlights: Up on the Roof (Javits Center), Golden-Winged Warbler, This Coffee Is for the Birds, Conserving Our City of Nature: The Artwork of Alan Messer, Reconciling Culture and Conservation at Jamaica Bay, Forever Birds Stamps, Project Safe Flight Goes to College

Winter 2014-15 - Volume XXXV, No. 4
Issue Highlights: Audubon's Climate Change Report, The Fall Roost, New Executive Director Kathryn Heintz, Birders Coalition for Gateway, McGolrick Park, Northern Gannet, Ridgewood Reservoir, D-Bird

Fall 2014 - Volume XXXV, No. 3
Issue Highlights: The Greening of Sewage Overflows, The Fort Tilden Observation Platform, NPS Adopts the GMP, New Board Members, Bats at the Javits Center, The Fall Roost

Summer 2014 - Volume XXXV, No. 2
Issue Highlights: Marsh: A Vital Habitat, Jamaica Bay Heroes: The Mundys, Mitigation Banking, Spring Creek, Northern Harrier

Spring 2014 - Volume XXXV, No. 1
Issue Highlights: Rocking the Boat, Isaac Grant's Big Year, Sora Rail, Rebekah Creshkoff and BirdTape, National Audubon's Bird-Friendly Communities

Winter 2013-14 - Volume XXXIV, No. 4
Issue Highlights: eBird, Trip Leader Profile: David Perry, Northern Cardinal, Test Flights at the Bronx Zoo, The Fall Roost

Fall 2013 - Volume XXXIV, No. 3
Issue Highlights: Javits Center Retrofit, Trip Leader Profile: Tod Winston, Family Birding, Red-Shouldered Hawk, The GMP, Photo-Essay of Breeding Birds in the City's Five Boroughs, Book Reviews: The Warbler Guide, Moonbird, Snapper

Summer 2013 - Volume XXXIV, No. 2
Issue Highlights: Test Flights at the Bronx Zoo, Starr Saphir in Memoriam, The Glossy Ibis, A Bird-Friendly Swale in Queens, Book Review: The Unfeathered Bird

Spring 2013 - Volume XXXIV, No. 1
Issue Highlights: After Sandy, Vireos, Trip Leader Profile: Joe Giunta, Management Alternatives for Jamaica Bay, Book Reviews: Little Night, Gifts of the Crow

Winter 2012-13 - Volume XXXIII, No. 4
Issue Highlights: Look at Audubon's Aviary, Tracking the Big White Bird, Migration Recorded in Blips and Bleeps

Fall 2012 - Volume XXXIII, No. 3
Issue Highlights: Tribute to Peter Joost, Nests in NYC Classroom, Carolina Wren

Summer 2012 - Volume XXXIII, No. 2
Issue Highlights: North Woods in Winter, Birds vs. Glass, The Central Park Effect

Spring 2012 - Volume XXXIII, No. 1
Issue Highlights: Preserving Habitat Along Atlantic Flyway, Mitzvah Day Beach Clean-Up, Best Birding Apps

Winter 2011 - Volume XXXII, No. 5
Issue Highlights: The Tribute in Light, Hurricanes and Birds, The Fall Roost

Fall 2011 - Volume XXXII, No. 4
Issue Highlights: Four Sparrow Marsh, Prall’s Island, Great Black-backed Gull

Summer 2011 - Volume XXXII, No. 3
Issue Highlights: David Bragdon, NYC’s Sustainability Planner, Plumb Beach, Bird Hazard Reduction at JFK

March–April 2011 - Volume XXXII, No. 2
Issue Highlights: Piping Plover, Carbon Footprint, Bird/Window Collisions at Home

January–February 2011 - Volume XXXII, No. 1
Issue Highlights: Pouch Camp, Tribute in Lights, Prothonotory Warbler in Bryant Park

Volume XXXI, No. 6
November – December 2010
Issue Highlights: Bats and White Nose Syndrome, Lights Out New York, Urban Stopover Research

Volume XXXI, No. 5
September – October 2010
Issue Highlights: Harbor Herons, Bryant Park Birding, e-bird, Common Raven

Volume XXXI, No. 4
July-August 2010
Issue Highlights: Shorebirding for Beginners, Black Skimmer, Cats Indoors

Volume XXXI, No. 3
May-June 2010
Issue Highlights: (30th Anniversary Issue) Conservation Challenges for NYC Audubon, Changes to NYC’s Wildlife Habitat, Species profiles of Red-tailed Hawk, Chimney Swift, Wood Thrush, Saltmarsh Sparrow, American Oystercatcher, Red Knot, and Snowy Egret

Volume XXXI, No. 2
March – April 2010
Issue Highlights: The Hudson-Raritan Estuary Comprehensive Restoration Plan, Gardening for Birds, Atlantic Brant

Volume XXXI, No. 1
January – February 2010
Issue Highlights: Robert Verity Clem, Great Backyard Bird Count, The Legend of Pale Male

Volume XXX, No. 6
November – December 2009
Issue Highlights: Raptors in NYC, A Sustainable City–PlaNYC 2030, Ridgewood Reservoir

Volume XXX, No. 5
September – October 2009
Issue Highlights: Tribute in Light, Lights Out NY, Raptors of the Hudson River

Volume XXX, No. 4
July-August 2009
Issue Highlights: TogetherGreen Program, Butterflies and Moths of NYC, Brooklyn Bird Club’s 100th Birthday

Volume XXX, No. 3
May-June 2009
Issue Highlights: Birds and Planes, Risk Factors in Bird Collisions, Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Volume XXX, No. 2
March – April 2009
Issue Highlights: Marine Debris in Jamaica Bay, State Parks in NYC, Cedar Waxwings

Volume XXX, No. 1
January – February 2009
Issue Highlights: 30 Years of The Urban Audubon, Whales in NYC Waters, Snowy Owls in NYC

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