Bird-Friendly Building Design

New York City Audubon is proud to have collaborated with the American Bird Conservancy on the creation of Bird-Friendly Building Design, newly updated in 2015, and based on NYC Audubon's ground-breaking Bird-Safe Building Guidelines. Bird-Friendly Building Design is a manual for architects, landscape designers, engineers, glass technicians, developers, building managers, city, state, and federal officials, and the general public. It reveals the magnitude of bird collisions with glass and describes the conditions that cause these deadly collisions. Bird safety in buildings is integral to the "green" sustainable building movement, and the guidelines suggest strategies that complement the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating system. The guidelines also suggest ways to retrofit existing buildings. Bird-Friendly Building Design is an important resource for all people in the building and design industries as well as policy makers.

Click the here to view or download a PDF of Bird-Friendly Building Design.

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