New York City Audubon champions nature in the City’s five boroughs through a combination of engaging and entertaining programs and innovative conservation campaigns. NYC Audubon is an independent nonprofit organization. Led by its own independent board of directors and staff, NYC Audubon affiliates with the National Audubon Society as an urban chapter. Through its local efforts, NYC Audubon protects many species of birds living in the 30,000 acres of wetlands, forests, and grasslands of New York City.


New York City Audubon is a grassroots community that works for the protection of wild birds and habitat in the five boroughs, improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers.


New York City Audubon envisions a day when birds and people in the five boroughs enjoy a healthy, livable habitat.

A Diverse Community

New York City Audubon is a diverse grassroots community of 10,000 members united by a passion for wildlife and the outdoors and a strong desire to protect nature for generations to come. NYC Audubon's community includes National Audubon Society members who live in the five boroughs along with our own dedicated local supporters and volunteers.

It is through this community that NYC Audubon carries out its programs and projects. Our energetic corps of volunteers support the organization, its mission, and the city in which they live. We are continually looking for new volunteers with various interests and skills to join this growing and diverse team. Volunteer assignments are intentionally flexible to accommodate the hectic schedules of New York City residents.

Members are critical to the advocacy programs supported by NYC Audubon, all of which are related to the protection of bird life in New York City. Members are also given access to a range of programs, classes, and lectures in and around the five boroughs.

More Than 40 Years of Protecting New York City's Birds

Wild birds representing more than 350 species—almost a third of all the species in North America—live in or pass through New York City each year. They flock by the millions to Jamaica Bay, Central Park, the islands of New York Harbor, and countless other pockets of greenery that dot our landscape. NYC Audubon was founded over 40 years ago to protect these birds and the fragile natural areas on which they depend.

Protecting Nature through Conservation, Advocacy, and Education

Our conservation activities involve collecting valuable data about birds across New York City and working to improve their habitat. As advocates for wildlife, we seek to influence public policy by giving government officials the facts they need to make sound decisions. Our education programs inspire the next generation of environmental stewards and inform the current generation. All our projects depend on the participation of dedicated volunteers and the support of committed individual donors.

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