Led by its own board of directors and staff, NYC Audubon is an independent organization that affiliates with the National Audubon Society as an urban chapter.

Mailing Address:

New York City Audubon
71 West 23rd Street
Suite 1523
New York, NY 10010

Help with Injured Birds

If you have found an injured bird in New York City and need information on how to help it, please first see our guide on what to do if you have found an injured bird.

The best place to take injured birds is the Wild Bird Fund on Manhattan's Upper West Side. You can find information about other animal rehabilitation centers in New York City here.

If you have further questions, please contact injuredbird@nycaudubon.org.

Questions about the Audubon Name?

In recent years, the conservation community has been re-evaluating its relationship with the legacy of historic founders and namesakes, particularly in light of the nation’s reflection and reckoning over its history of slavery and racism, conversations about nomenclature, and the need to create a more inclusive and equitable future for birding and conservation.

NYC Audubon and the Audubon network are currently undertaking efforts to re-assess the complicated history of our namesake, John James Audubon. Learn more about this reassessment process and how you can provide input.

Press Inquiries

Media request? Please contact comms@nycaudubon.org or call 646-571-0790. Visit our news and press page to learn more about our organization.


General Information and Questions 

For general information or questions, please email us at info@nycaudubon.org

Learn what you should do if you have found a young or injured bird in trouble

If you have a bird identification or other bird-related question, email us at birdid@nycaudubon.org.
Visit our frequently asked questions page for more answers about NYC Audubon and our work.

NYC Audubon Office Staff

NYC Audubon's office staff is organized below by department. To learn more about our staff, visit our staff page.

Executive Director - Jessica Wilson
Email: jessica@nycaudubon.org

Conservation, Outreach, and Public Programming

Director of Conservation and Science - Dustin Partridge, PhD
Email: dpartridge@nycaudubon.org

Science Consultant - Kaitlyn Parkins
Email: kparkins@nycaudubon.org

Conservation Field Biologist - Emilio Tobón
Email: etobon@nycaudubon.org

Community Science and Outreach Manager - Katherine Chen
Email: kchen@nycaudubon.org

Conservation Research Associate - Tod Winston
Email: twinston@nycaudubon.org

Conservation Scientist Emerita - Susan Elbin, PhD
Email: selbin@nycaudubon.org

Public Programs Manager - Roslyn Rivas
Email: rrivas@nycaudubon.org

Development and Membership

Director of Development - Matthew Coody
Email: mcoody@nycaudubon.org

Institutional Giving Manager - Anne Schwartz
Email: aschwartz@nycaudubon.org

Development Associate - Aidan Donaghy
Email: adonaghy@nycaudubon.org


Associate Director of Communications - Andrew Maas
Email: amaas@nycaudubon.org

Associate Director of Content - Tod Winston
Email: twinston@nycaudubon.org

Senior Associate, Conservation & Communications - Sohel Shah
Email: sshah@nycaudubon.org

Advocacy and Engagement Associate - Jesse McLaughlin
Email: jmclaughlin@nycaudubon.org


Controller - Monika Dorsey
Email: mdorsey@nycaudubon.org