Participant holds an Atlantic Horseshoe Crab at our annual Horseshoe Crab Festival at Jamaica Bay. Photo: Camilla Cerea
NYC Audubon educates and connects New Yorkers of all ages with nature in the city through fun and informative festivals, providing participants with valuable opportunities to learn about wild birds and their habitats. We hold multiple festivals throughout the year at Jamaica Bay and Governors Island that feature engaging programs and activities fun for the whole family. All festivals are free and open to the public. 
Participants holding Atlantic Horseshoe Crab. Photo: Camilla Cerea
Participants holding Atlantic Horseshoe Crab. Photo: Camilla Cerea
Saturday, May 15, 11am-12:30pm
With the American Littoral Society, Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Park Conservancy, and Gateway National Recreation Area
Virtually celebrate the annual arrival of the 400-million-year-old Atlantic Horseshoe Crab with this activity-filled and information-packed webinar. During the full and new moons of May and June, female horseshoe crabs lay billions of eggs at the high tide line. At the same time, thousands of migrating shorebirds arrive to feed on the eggs, regaining the bodyweight they've lost during their long journey north. During this virtual festival you’ll see experts handle live horseshoe crabs and learn about their important ecological and medicinal values. You can also participate in our many family-friendly activities and expert talks. Registration required. Limited to 500. Free

Register for the virtual festival here.
A limited number of people will be able to join us in person at Broad Channel American Park to learn about Horseshoe Crabs. Registration is required. Click on one of the sessions below to sign up for an in-person time slot. Free