State of Green Roofs in NYC Conference 2018. Photo: NYC Audubon
Be sure to continue checking here for updates to our 2021-2022 lecture season. Recordings of lectures from the 2020-2021 season can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Upcoming Lectures

Cover of "A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching." Workman Publishing Company, October 2021
Cover of "A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching." Workman Publishing Company, October 2021
Monday, January 24, 7-8pm
By Rosemary Mosco

Meet Columba livia (aka the pigeon)! Science communicator, author, and cartoonist Rosemary Mosco will reveal how these seemingly mundane creatures are in fact modern marvels. With historical anecdotes, accessible science, and fun facts, this talk will open the eyes of every town- and city-dweller (not to mention birdwatcher) to the wonders of the pigeon! Rosemary Mosco is the creator of the popular Bird and Moon comics, as well as the co-author of The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid. RSVP is required for this virtual event. No limit. Free
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Past Lectures:

Birdpedia: A Brief Compendium of Avian Lore

By Christopher W. Leahy
On Monday, December 6th, 2021, author Christopher W. Leahy joined Kellye Rosenheim in conversation about his latest book, Birdpedia: A Brief Compendium of Avian Lore. This far-ranging conversation touched on just a few of the nearly 200 engaging entries on avian topics featured in the book. Leahy holds the Gerard A. Bertrand Chair of Natural History and Field Ornithology (Emeritus) at the Massachusetts Audubon Society. His books include Birds of Mongolia and The Birdwatcher's Companion to North American Birdlife. 

Wetlands Management Framework Presentation and Discussion

By Marit Larson, Mike Feller, and Sarah-Charlop-Powers
On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, Marit Larson, chief of the Natural Resources Group for NYC Parks, Mike Feller, former chief naturalist of NYC Parks, and Sarah Charlop-Powers, executive director of the Natural Areas Conservancy, presented the Wetlands Management Framework for New York City, released by the Natural Areas Conservancy and NYC Parks in 2021. The framework speaks to the critical role of wetlands and presents a bold new vision for their restoration and long-term care in our city. 

Bird Love

By Dr. Wenfei Tong
On Monday, March 15, 2021, author, biologist, artist, and nature guide Dr. Wenfei Tong gave a virtual talk for NYC Audubon as the final installment of our winter lecture series. Dr. Tong related fascinating stories of birds around the world mating and nesting from her book Bird Love: The Family Life of Birds, available from Princeton University Press

Laysan Albatross: Their Style and Story

By Hob Osterlund
On Monday, November 16th, 2020, author and Kaua'i Albatross Network founder Hob Osterlund gave a virtual talk discussing her work advocating for the magnificent Laysan Albatross on Hawai'i. She also treated participants to a screening of her Telly Award-winning short documentary Kalama's Journey. Watch the lecture below!

The Grassland Birds of Freshkills Park

By Dr. Shannon Curley and José Ramírez-Garofalo
On Monday, November 8, 2021, Dr. Shannon Curley and José Ramírez-Garofalo presented findings from their work at Freshkills Park in Staten Island, a nearly 2,000-acre reclaimed landfill that has now become the home of various grassland specialists like Grasshopper Sparrows, Eastern Meadowlarks, and Sedge Wrens. They discussed their ongoing research and conservation successes in this critical maturing grassland habitat.

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This series has been made possible by the support of Claude and Lucienne Bloch.