Fall Roost 2022

2022 Fall Roost, honoring the Javits Center, September 20, 6pm, at the Javits North Rooftop Pavilion & Terrace "}" data-trix-content-type="undefined" class="attachment attachment--content"> 2022 Fall Roost, honoring the Javits Center, September 20, 6pm, at the Javits North Rooftop Pavilion & Terrace


Tuesday, September 20, 6-9pm

Javits North Rooftop Pavilion & Terrace
445 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10001

Cocktails, bountiful hors d'oeuvres, dishes sourced from the Javits Center rooftop farm, and birdy activities, all on the spectacular open air pavilion overlooking the skyline and Hudson River!

Join NYC Audubon's gala honoring the Javits Center.

At the 2022 Fall Roost, we honor the Javits Center for its leadership in sustainability and its ongoing partnership with NYC Audubon to transform the building into a haven for wildlife. These efforts have created a national model demonstrating that habitat creation and sustainable upgrades are feasible and impactful.

Please note that the 2022 Fall Roost is not a traditional seated dinner, though reserved lounge seating is included for $5,000+ sponsorship levels.

Pledge at the $2,500+ level to be listed on the Host Committee in the invitation. 

Proceeds from the 2022 Fall Roost provide critical operating funds to support NYC Audubon's mission to protect wild birds and their habitat across the City’s five boroughs, improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for event attendance. 

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Karen Benfield and John Zucker
Drianne Benner
MaryJane Boland and Daniel Picard
Marsilia A. Boyle
Oliver Cope, Architect LLC
Alexander Ewing and Wynn Senning 
Gregg and Cindi Fisher
Marcia and Bruce Fowle
Nancy B. Hager
Cathy and Lloyd Heller
Tatiana Kaletsch
Jeffrey Kimball and Pamela Hogan
Lucky 8 Productions
Jennifer and Philip Maritz
Clark Mitchell and David Lapham
Antonia Stolper and Bob Fertik
Mary and Michael Tannen 
Michael Yuan and Nicky Combs

Gina Argento
Karen Benfield
MaryJane Boland
Marcia T. Fowle
Catherine Heller
Tatiana Kaletsch
Jennifer Maritz

Want to make a pledge, pay by check or ACH, or have other questions? Please contact Matthew Coody at mcoody@nycaudubon.org or 646.502.9611. 

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