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Tenth Annual Fall Roost Raises over $190,000

[b]The Tenth Annual Fall Roost at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center - October 16, 2014[/b]The Tenth Annual Fall Roost at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center - October 16, 2014

Thank you to our friends and supporters who attended this year’s Fall Roost at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The event was a tremendous success, raising over $190,000 for the protection of birds and bird habitat in New York City.

This year we proudly honored the creative team that dramatically transformed the Jacob K. Javits Center: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center; Convention Center Development Corporation; and FXFOWLE Epstein Architects. Once among the deadliest buildings for birds in New York City, the Center is now a remarkable example of bird-friendly design integrated with sustainable architecture. Hazardous reflective glass has been replaced with new high-performance patterned glass and stainless steel panels to vastly reduce bird strikes.

NYC Audubon would also like to thank Kathleen Guzman of Heritage Auctions for leading our first-ever Live Auction. The auction included many fabulous items, but the crowd was especially thrilled with the opportunity to have two kestrel nesting boxes named after them on the Javits Center’s green roof!

We hope everyone had a tremendous time at this year’s Fall Roost. Please check back here soon to see photos from the event.

Proceeds from the Fall Roost provide essential support for New York City Audubon's advocacy, scientific research, environmental education, and hands-on habitat restoration to protect wild birds and their habitat in the five boroughs. Our work is possible only because our supporters, like you, understand that conservation in New York City has never needed more friends than it does right now. Thank you again to everyone who made this year’s Fall Roost such a successful evening for the conservation of birds and wildlife throughout our City.

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314 Bird Species in Danger: Audubon’s Birds & Climate Change Report

[b]Bobolinks Are Projected to Lose Most of Their U.S. Range by 2080[/b][br]Photo © Lloyd SpitalnikBobolinks Are Projected to Lose Most of Their U.S. Range by 2080
Photo © Lloyd Spitalnik
 The futures of most North American birds--314 species in all--are imperiled due to predicted global climate change, according to a ground-breaking report published last month by Audubon. The Birds and Climate Change Report, drawing on long-term data from the Audubon Christmas Bird Count and the North American Breeding Bird Survey, projects shifts in the ranges of 588 North American bird species--and finds that the majority of those species will lose more than 50 percent of their current ranges by 2080. The Audubon report is illustrated by species range maps that spell out the gravity of change that is predicted, and also contains detailed recommendations on what can be done, on both a personal and community level, to address this looming tragedy for our natural world, and for ourselves.

Explore interactive maps for all 314 species under threat, and learn what you can do to help, at

Top Banner Photo Credits: group of birders © Kati Solomon; all others © Francois Portmann.

Bottom Photo Credits: herring gull on Jacob K. Javits Convention Center's green roof © Kaitlyn Parkins

** This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


Contribute to Project Safe Flight by Using Our New Online Database, D-Bird

For more than 15 years, NYC Audubon has been collecting data on bird mortality in New York City in order to understand the threats that birds face from the built environment. This work is a component of Project Safe Flight, part of our broader effort generously supported by the Leon Levy Foundation to make the City a safer place for birds.

If you find a dead or injured bird, you can make a valuable contribution to Project Safe Flight by providing us with information about the bird through our new online database, D-Bird. To learn more and contribute to D-Bird, please click here.


The Secret World of New York City Green Roofs


A Lecture by Dustin Partridge
and Kaitlyn Parkins
Tuesday, October 28, 6pm
The Arsenal, Central Park, 5th Ave. at 64th St., Third-Floor Gallery

Who would have thought that the perfect place for birds, bats, and bugs would be on the roof? And what makes a roof become good habitat? Fordham University PhD students Dustin Partridge and Kaitlyn Parkins have been studying the diverse wildlife of these unexpected urban oases. Learn how different types of green roofs provide more or less habitat for native wildlife in the City, and find out where these hidden habitats are. Click here for more information about the lecture

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